Turn Around RFP Responses Faster Than Ever Before

Built to grow with your business, this comprehensive RFP software solution ensures relevant content is always accessible and up-to-date. You'll finish RFPs, SOWs, security questionnaires, or due diligence questionnaires (DDQ), in a fraction of the time and create better, client-focused responses. The significant time savings to teams means greater quality output contributing to higher win rates. On average, Qvidian customers create RFP responses 40% faster and increase their win rate by 28%.


Powerful RFP Software with Intelligent Search Capabilities

Find your content quickly—search results are prioritized by which answers are accepted the most. Qvidian offers drag and drop ease and intelligent answer recommendations to more rapidly expedite compelling RFP responses.

Quickly find the content you need to answer rfp responses faster than ever.

"Qvidian's search feature is particularly helpful because we have a lot of products and services in our RFP database and varying topics that we like to emphasize in a proposal, and so when you can just put in that word and see all the records that relate to that topic or word, it's very helpful to determine what kind of content or which paragraph you want to pull in."
- Doug Davoren, Guardian Life Insurance | Watch testimonial video ➲

Collaborate Effectively as a Team

Qvidian makes it easier to coordinate teams and collaborate more effectively on responses. Maintain consistency and quality with automated collaboration by quickly selecting teams, assigning questions, tracking activity, & monitoring progress.

Powerful RFP software allows you to assign rfp response questions to SMEs


Create Draft Proposals Faster

Automatically answer multiple questions at once based on the highest match in the search results.

"Using Qvidian as an RFP tool has made a difference in our RFP response process, turn-around time, and content development. It's helped us streamline our RFP process so that we are able to produce the majority of the document before the kick-off meeting, which means we have more time to customize and refine the document before it goes to print."
- Lauren Whiteaker, Tyler Technologies  |  TrustRadius review ➲

Compliance Matrix

Modernize RFP processes and ensure compliance by building logical flows of content and teams, stored in centralized Library for reuse. Each capability can be matched by requirement to substantiate your responses and facilitate customer approval.

Professional RFP Responses

Qvidian analyzes your RFP and quickly searches your entire RFP database of answers to produce high-probability matches for one or all of the questions and requirements. You'll be able to quickly generate a professional RFP response — including cover letter, title page, table of contents, compliance matrix, and the questions and answers — in the Microsoft Word or Excel template of your choosing. And because Qvidian's RFP software is accessed through your browser, there's no need to install or maintain software.

"Qvidian has allowed our RFP team to quickly and efficiently produce very professional documents. This has led to more time being able to speak to the client's needs specifically. We've received lots of positive feedback from clients saying that the RFP response looked tailored to them, and not just some content dumped in a binder."
- Lauren Whiteaker, Tyler Technologies  |  TrustRadius review ➲