Powerful Proposal Software

Powerful Proposal Software

Complex selling situations require powerful solutions. Qvidian proposal management software helps you manage and streamline your entire proposal process, regardless of complexity. With Qvidian, customers like Guardian Life Insurance are able to respond to 2,400+ RFPs a year with fewer than 10 proposal managers using proposal software.

Proposal management software made easy


What good is a proposal software solution if it’s too complicated to use? Qvidian’s intuitive wizard guides you through the document creation process, automatically selecting and assembling relevant content into a cohesive, well-structured document. Quickly search to find the content you need and automate assembly of compelling sales documents 40% faster.

Proposal automation software that's incredibly flexible


If you’re like many of our customers, things don’t stay the same in your organization for very long. Luckily, Qvidian Proposal Automation Software is highly configurable, allowing you to mirror your specific sales methodology or adapt to changes in branding with ease. And because Qvidian's proposal software is accessed through your browser, there's no need to install or maintain sales proposal software. Qvidian Proposal Automation is a cloud-based hosted solution that runs on both Windows and Mac OS.

Create personalized selling documents with our proposal software


Today’s buyers expect a relevant, personalized sales experience that’s tailored to their needs. Qvidian empowers your sales team to create personalized sales documents tailored for each unique sales opportunity with their proposal software. Dynamically include content relevant to your customer, leading to more client-focused, persuasive sales documents—and higher win rates.

Proposal management software for consistent, branded, winning proposals


Each interaction with sales reflects and impacts your brand’s perception. Qvidian makes it easy to maintain a consistent look and feel, while ensuring relevant sales content is always up-to-date within the sales proposal software. Every proposal, RFP response, and presentation contains accurate, approved content with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint templates that make it easy to match your corporate identity.

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