Content is king – but can sometimes be challenging to manage, especially in the world of sales content. Companies need to be agile to work in the ever-changing, fast paced environment in which we create sales proposals, respond to RFPs, or create sales presentations

Improve accuracy

Centralizing assets gives you control over your content, but it doesn’t ensure accuracy alone. With robust content management capabilities, you can ensure quality and accuracy with rules and assignments, expirations and alerts so assets are updated, current, and all users are using the latest and greatest.

Find and access easily

You can’t use what you can’t find, and in the world of Google, searching and finding what you want in an instant is the expectation, and quite frankly the must-have to keep up in the fast-paced environment. With simple but powerful search capabilities, the ability to share and save frequent or useful searches, and the ability to preview and select the right asset quickly allows you to not only keep up, but complete tasks with lightning speed.

Collaborate easily with SMEs

Content doesn’t update itself, so the need to work with a network of subject matter experts and content owners is a must in today’s collaborative world. Assign content, request updates and track assignments and expired content with easeand achieve peace of mind knowing that users are accessing the best and most accurate assets for their sales content.

Track & Analyze

With Content Analytics, you not only get the ability to track popularity and usage of content assets, but also cross-correlate data with Salesforce.com for insights into key performance metrics, allowing you to make better decisions faster. Enhanced visualizations make it easy to digest complex data sets to understand the most effective content, monitor user activity, track win/loss, manage expired content, and much more.