Qvidian Customer Survey Cites Receiving Content On-time as Biggest Pain Point for RFP and Proposal Teams


Posted By Karen Meyer | Nov 15, 2016


The RFP/proposal automation space is rapidly evolving, and as a market leader, it is Qvidian’s duty to evolve too. To better understand the real issues that face proposal teams and sales executives, Qvidian conducted a survey of nearly 200 customers to uncover their biggest challenges, pain points and opportunities for growth. The respondents included proposal team members and sales executives from Qvidian's customer base of mid-sized and large companies who are involved in the RFP process.

Key findings include:

  • The biggest pain point – deadlines: 45 percent of respondents reported receiving content on-time as their biggest pain point associated with colleague collaboration on proposals and RFPs.
  • Multiple parties involved: 52 percent of survey respondents reported collaborating with anywhere from six to 100 different colleagues on a single proposal spread across departments including sales, engineering, product management, legal, marketing, operations and finance, among others.
  • Outdated content: 41 percent of survey respondents reported their company’s content libraries for RFPs and proposals are updated semi-annually, with another 24 percent being updated quarterly.
  • Updates lost in translation: 55 percent of survey respondents reported that their companies’ content is only somewhat in sync with their business pace (i.e. product changes, compliance and regulation changes, new service offerings, etc.).
  • Language barriers: More than half of survey respondents who collaborate with subject matter experts (SMEs) located in countries other than the U.S. and/or who speak different languages find the process to be moderately challenging, with nearly 20 percent of respondents rating it substantially or extremely challenging.

It’s no secret that RFPs can be time-consuming and inefficient. So with these trending pain points in mind, Qvidian is helping resolve the issues with their newest product update. The enhancements to the software will help to facilitate and streamline collaboration among proposal teams whether it’s in one central location or across the globe. Complete with enhanced analytics, reporting capabilities and automatic language translation, this advancement will mitigate critical challenges to the RFP process – helping teams submit more quality proposals, faster.

For more information on Qvidian’s newest software capabilities, please visit here.