Qvidian University

You are committed to growing your knowledge, skills and best practices to further drive your achievements. Qvidian University understands you want your learning experience to be engaging and provide you with the skills you need to succeed. Welcome to Qvidian University, a place to expand your knowledge of Qvidian Solutions and industry best practices.

With each Qvidian University course, you can expect the following:

  • Engaging environment - The courses are designed with you in mind. Each course incorporates the right amount of discussion, demonstration and group activities to provide an engaging experience.
  • Expertise in Qvidian solution - Each course is facilitated by a Qvidian Training Specialist who has a deep understanding of Qvidian Solutions and can provide real-life answers to the questions you face.
  • Student Handbook - Finish each course with an extensive resource where you capture your notes, discussions and activities for reference later on.
  • Certificate of Completion - Upon your successful completion, you will receive a Certificate of Completion signifying your learning achievement.

I recently attended the Content Management course thru Qvidian University. As a result, I have a very comprehensive content management plan. I'm still testing it out for our upcoming Global Rollout of Qvidian, but without that course, I would still be struggling to develop a content management plan.

Qvidian Proposal Automation Course Offerings


In just one week, by attending a series of online classes, you will learn the basics of generating documents, populating and managing the library and designing the structure of new custom documents.

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Advanced Content Management

Now that you have the Foundations of using Qvidian Proposal Automation, join other content managers to ensure that your library is structured and managed for long-term success.

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RFP Management

Are you answering your RFPs as efficiently as possible? Attend this half-day course to increase your productivity and get your RFPs out the door faster.

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