Marketing has automation in place, targeted programs, and lead qualification processes down pat. But when the lead goes to Sales, the process seems to start all over. Bridge the gap between Marketing efforts and Sales results. By aligning the buying process with the selling process, you improve the overall selling experience for not only your sellers, but also for your customers.

Actionable Insight

Not knowing if sales teams are doing all the necessary steps to win is the main reason sales organizations struggle. To improve forecasting, you need to track activities as well as identify what’s working and what’s not. Qvidian helps sales leaders gain real-time visibility while delivering the framework to drive sales team success.

Product Launches

When deciding which initiatives to invest in to drive growth, many companies choose to introduce new products. Each new datasheet, pricing tool, or process change involved in the new product needs to be presented to sales teams without disrupting their daily job – closing business. How well are you setting your sales teams up for success with new products?

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Qvidian's cloud-based sales execution solutions are helping organizations significantly increase their profitable revenues while eliminating waste and reducing costs:

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