Streamline Sales Processes

No matter what methodology you use (Challenger Selling, Miller Heiman, Target Account Selling, or any other) your investment in sales processes and methodologies sometimes end up as binders on shelves collecting dust. Qvidian enables you to embed any process directly into the day-to-day activities of every sales rep, ensuring you not only see a return on that investment, but also the desired business outcomes you need – accelerated sales cycles and improved win rates.

Replicate Successful Behavior

Making sales processes more repeatable can elevate your entire sales team to be top performers. Harness the successful strategies used in the field and share them with the rest of the team in a simple, easy to follow manner. With Qvidian, you can replicate best practices and measure and adapt on the fly to win more business.

Build a Value-based Culture

Customers select vendors 53% of the time based on their experience with Sales over other factors like price, product features, or brand. Today’s buyers are informed, so Sales needs to provide relevant value in order to differentiate. How well are your sales teams able to hold those value-based conversations? How is the rest of your organization aligned to provide value to the customer at every interaction?

Maximize Existing Content

Sales organizations use on average only 40% of available assets – and some teams use only 10%. Sales needs to spend their time selling, not hunting for the right piece of content in one of multiple repositories. Qvidian streamlines this by integrating the right content at each step of the sales process so reps can access it at just the right time in the buyer stage.


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