Aligning with Your Buyers

Today’s savvy buyers are, of course, armed with more information than ever. They know what they want, rejecting a sale that’s perceived as different from pre-defined needs. Sellers must first align with buyers quickly in lockstep with where that buyer is in their buying process, in order to serve up the most compelling selling assets that immediately start building the fundamental relationship of trusted advisor. Having that alignment, and the timely and relevant content available at their fingertips, enables sellers to stay one step ahead of the buyer. And it’s not about right content at the right time - it’s about personalization.

Personalize & Assemble Faster

The management of your content should then be both fluid, and multi-leveled. What we’ve found from working with customers who have achieved successful content automation, is that it’s not just about storing and centralizing. It should also be about creating the foundation for easy access, the contextual triggers that can personalize and assemble faster, while delivering, not just to make it easier to find, but in such a way that aligns with buyers. 

Managing Complexity 

The complexity, volume and response time of proposals, RFPs and other sales documents requires a significant amount of time and valuable resources. Companies need to reduce the effort expended, to increase the ability to quickly respond to all RFPs and other opportunity based requests – all while increasing the win rates. 

The process to create and respond to an RFP or submit a proposal, including finding the right content, managing subject matter expert content contributors, ensuring consistency in format and brand, is often particularly challenging for the limited resources available. These representatives need to be equipped with comprehensive proposal management software to work smarter by using the best tools to streamline the communication of value in proposals and RFP responses.

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