Nuance and Qvidian Deliver Security and Expertise to Millions

Nuance Healthcare is the market leader in voice and clinical language understanding solutions that drive smart, efficient decisions across healthcare. Nuance provides solutions and services that improve the entire clinical documentation process from the capture of the complete patient record to clinical documentation improvement, coding, compliance and appropriate reimbursement. More than 500,000 clinicians and 10,000 healthcare organizations worldwide leverage Nuance’s award-winning, voice-enabled clinical documentation and mobility solutions to support the physician in any clinical workflow and on any device.


The Proposal Response Management Team is responsible all RFPs (Request for Proposals) and security questionnaires for the healthcare division at Nuance, which had $1B in revenue in 2015. They prepare responses for over 20 software solutions.

There were great demands thrust upon this small team. They were expected to do a first pass for every RFP, security questionnaire and other document request. They then identified the proper resource to complete the document by reaching out to coordinate with Sales Engineering, the Security team, Product Managers and Developers. It is a daunting task managing the responses for a product line of over 20 software solutions.


When Proposal Manager, Mark Marcinowski joined the team, he discovered that Nuance did, in fact, have Qvidian’s proposal automation software system, but that no one was assigned to administer it. He saw the opportunity to improve the process tremendously through the use of this response management tool and contacted Qvidian’s Consulting Services for training.

Through Qvidian’s training, the proposal team learned how to create and maintain clean and accurate data. They developed and implemented a review process flagging content with expiration dates. “We tag data that is 6 months old,” stated Marcinowski. “At that point, we engage the Product Manager or Sales Engineer and simply print out an Excel sheet with the data we need them to review for us. This enables us to keep the information in the system fresh.”

With Qvidian’s central repository, they have a place to store all the data on their numerous products that makes everything easily accessible. This is of paramount importance in order to manage multiple, complex, highly technical products successfully.


Since engaging Qvidian’s Consulting Services, the team at Nuance is enjoying a smooth and efficient proposal process. The team is breathing easier. They are handling RFPs and security questionnaires like experts. In fact, due to Qvidian, colleagues mistake them for product experts. “Because of Qvidian, our proposal team is able to answer 60-80% of very technical questions on highly complex products. People think we’re experts on each product, but we’re not. It’s Qvidian that makes us look good. Qvidian puts the information at our fingertips,” Marcinowski remarked proudly. It’s no longer just RFPs that impact the company. The world is changing with solutions moving to the Cloud and the regulatory controls of HIPAA/HITECH. Customers are increasingly concerned about security and privacy protection for their data. The number of requests for security information that Nuance has received has exploded with an increase of 150% in just the last year. Knowing that Qvidian has its own SOC 2 Type II Certification, the same standard required in the healthcare community, gives Nuance the confidence that their confidential and proprietary product information is safe.

“Qvidian is delivering world-class solutions and we continually strive to provide the greatest value to customers,” commented Jeff Weil, Qvidian Vice President of Consulting Services. “SOC 2 Type II certification compliance means organizations can depend on Qvidian’s data processing procedures, and are assured that their data, processes, and application deployment are thoroughly protected” Weil continued.

“Overall, Qvidian has truly impacted us in an extremely positive way. I tell other people, they should check it out because it’s online, easy to access, easy to use and you can relax knowing your data is secure,” affirmed Marcinowski. “And, you know, it never hurts to look and feel like an expert.”

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