The World Becomes Safer with BeyondTrust and Qvidian

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BeyondTrust knows that visibility is critical to identifying and preventing threats in cyber security. With every customer they serve, the world becomes a safer place. Qvidian knows that visibility into the sales process is critical to securing customers and through Qvidian Sales Playbooks is helping BeyondTrust protect more and more companies and organizations.


BeyondTrust is a privately held, global, software company headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona with just over 300 employees. Alison Donley is the Senior Sales Operations Specialist. She works very closely with the sales leadership team on sales process and anything affecting operations. “Before Qvidian Playbooks, we lacked a consistent sales process. We weren’t able to share best practices. Though we had a sales methodology in Scotsman, without deep visibility into the sales process, we couldn’t effectively analyze why we were winning or why we were losing deals. We also needed a searchable and dynamic content management system. All our data was housed in Salesforce libraries and it was very difficult for our Sales Reps to find what they needed.”


In today’s world, cyber security is critical to any company’s success and stability. Without visibility, companies may not know how they can be hacked, and where the potential threats lie. BeyondTrust delivers that visibility to their customers. Just as companies need to be able to see who may be threatening their cyber security, so, too, do companies need to be able to see what may threaten their sales process. Without a successful sales process, companies are limited in the value they can deliver and to whom. Visibility into their sales process enables them to earn more customers thereby protecting more companies and enjoying more success themselves all while making the world a bit safer. It’s critical to be able to communicate the value one offers and a repeatable, successful sales process is at the core of that communication.

BeyondTrust engaged Qvidian to help them define their sales process, house content and data, create consistent messaging, and gain visibility into the sales process including visibility into their Scotsman sales methodology. They knew that to gain user adoption by their sales team, everything the sales reps needed would have to be available in Salesforce. Qvidian provides that seamless integration with Salesforce in addition to streamlined workflows, a central repository and integration with multiple sales methodologies including Scotsman. They also provide a thorough and comprehensive implementation process. “Qvidian has been amazing to work with during the implementation of our Playbooks. Our Project Manager, Helen Atkinson, came out to Phoenix, spent a day and a half, not just with me, but also with our sales management team and reps, gathering information and finding out what we really needed,” stated Donley. “What made our implementation process so successful with BeyondTrust,” commented Atkinson, “was that we had access to all of the individuals we needed whether that was Marketing, Sales Executives or Sales Training during that day and a half. That enabled us to move quickly. We were able to begin designing and building Playbooks right then. Alison Donley is a dedicated, hands-on professional. Her desire to ‘get right in there’ moved us forward even faster.” Qvidian’s implementation phase includes an in-depth assessment, a comprehensive enablement phase and an impactful adoption phase. Even still, BeyondTrust was strategic in their planning and purchased additional training packages including “Playbook Optimization and Tuning” as well as bimonthly expert consulting services. Donley’s approach was, “If you’re going to do something, do it right.”


The impact of Qvidian Playbooks on BeyondTrust cannot be overstated. With Qvidian’s guidance, BeyondTrust has revamped their onboarding process resulting in their reps getting to their first deals 3 months faster. Engagement with and between the sales team has increased dramatically through Qvidian’s supported collaboration. They are all on message, following the same process and sharing best practices. There’s a central repository in Qvidian that makes finding content easy and gives reps confidence that the data they are using is current and accurate. Overall, reps are able to devote more time to their prospects and customers now that Qvidian has streamlined their sales process. Qvidian’s integration with Salesforce and Scotsman has delivered a sales process that is transparent, efficient, and effective. Qvidian is assisting BeyondTrust in making the world a little more secure every day.