Winning business requires laser focus on portraying value in every interaction with prospective clients. The complexity, volume and response time of proposals, RFPs, SOWs, security questionnaires, due diligence questionnaires (DDQ), and other sales documents requires a significant amount of time and valuable resources. Companies need to reduce the effort expended, to increase the ability to quickly respond to all RFPs and other opportunity based requests – all while increasing win rates.

Improved Quality

By utilizing Qvidian’s workflow, getting to an initial first draft quickly enables document owners to focus more on quality. Proposal quality is not simply defined as anything that wins, but as a document that is accurate, persuasive, well written, client-centered, and personalized consistently.

Salesforce Integration

Leverage the data you already have in, and streamline personalized document creation from within the CRM. Our integration allows you to create, store and collaborate on selling documents -all automatically synced with

Advanced Content Analytics

Qvidian provides the ability to cross-correlate data for insights into key performance metrics, allowing you to make better decisions faster. Enhanced visualizations make it easy to digest complex data sets to understand the most effective content, monitor user activity, track win/loss, manage expired content, and much more. Advanced dashboards and analytics helps proposal and content managers refine best practices to improve responses and reaction times to prospects and customers, enabling better planning and managing efficient content review cycles.

  • Easily manage complex, multi-question RFPs
  • Ensure all sales documents contain accurate, approved content
  • Maintain consistent look & feel
  • Enable partners to access approved content for inclusion into personalized sales documents
  • Significantly reduction assembly and response times

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