Welcome to CONNECT 2016

Have you recovered from Nashville yet? Between the hands-on training, the rockstar keynote, and an epic night at the George Jones Museum roof top, our feet are finally touching back down.

If you'd like to relive the excitement:

Mark your calendars now for Connect 2017: April 3-5 in Tampa, FL!  Stay tuned for more details and pre-registration later this year.

PS- If you haven't already, please take a few minutes to  to help us as we plan for next year!

When I first heard about the keynote speaker for Connect16, I thought he might have some interesting anecdotes from the music industry, which was appropriate for a conference in Nashville. I didn't expect that Mark Schulman would have much direct relevance for Proposal Managers and Sales Operations but he brilliantly adapted his experiences as a rock drummer to provide some fascinating insights. He talked about being the backline of the band that supports the rock star to deliver a world-class performance and I think this really resonated with the audience, who are the backline that mean our Sales "rock stars" are able to perform at their best.