What Would You Do with 3 Free Days?


Posted By Kathy Kliskey | Jul 19, 2016


Free time! Do Proposal Managers, Proposal Writers and RFP Proposal Analysts, especially those relying on a manual process, even remember what it feels like to have free time? 

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If you are one of those responding to mountains of RFPs, RFIs, and DDQs (Requests for Proposals, Requests for Information, and Due Diligence Questionnaires) not to mention the newest mountain of Security Questionnaires, I’m guessing you don’t. And, I’m guessing I’m right!

How do I know? Easy. I’ve talked with over 200 proposal professionals in the past year or so and I have heard the same stories over and over again. I feel the angst and pain of a brand new customer who came to us desperate to find a solution and wishing they had come by sooner. And, I feel the sigh of relief after they’ve started using Qvidian. When I talk with a customer who is actively using the solution, I can feel the peace and joy they are experiencing. You might think I’m exaggerating, but I’m not. Really. They have found relief from the inordinate amount of stress they used to experience. And, almost as a surprise, because of the efficiency they gain with Qvidian, they find they have free time! But the freedom Qvidian offers isn’t measured in time alone.

As a Qvidian customer, freedom means being able to design a workflow just the way you want. It’s the ability to gain such impactful efficiencies that you have time to focus on messaging, quality and customization in your proposals rather than just “getting it out the door.” And because Qvidian provides freedom to use its proposal automation software in ways that suit your preferences, customers actually find they save an average of three full days of work. Wow! Three days of work saved, now that’s freedom, freedom from stress and freedom to go home at the end of the day. “Qvidian eases the process; it allows us to go home, spend time with our families and enjoy the weekends,” Michael Robb, Sales Enablement Manager for Globoforce states in this brief video.

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Jack Henry & Associates, another Qvidian customer, averages 700 questions per RFP. Elizabeth Grissom, RFP Proposal Analyst, comments on the process improvement initiative their team recently took. “We documented each step of the entire RFP process, from the time we received the RFP to the time it went out the door, and assigned times for each step. We evaluated each step and how much Qvidian was going to help us. In many instances, we were able to eliminate steps altogether or streamline them so it was more efficient and took us less time.” At Jack Henry & Associates, Elizabeth and her colleagues are experiencing freedom from stress. She continues, “Now, with Qvidian, our data’s all in one place, it’s a very streamlined process to answer all the RFPs and get them out the door by the due date without a lot of stress. Life is just much easier.”

Ehren Morse, Sales Operations Manager at Tyler Technologies values the freedom Qvidian provides to architect workflows, design formats with Qvidian’s style guides, and utilize Qvidian’s supported collaboration features to maximize the value the system brings to them. “[Qvidian’s] solution is helping us collaborate as a team the way we need to and [giving us] the flexibility to work the way our customers require," Ehren says.

And because everything is online, teams can work together on a single proposal from anywhere, adding data and information virtually while easily adhering to a consistent format and brand image. A typical comment from many of our users is, “It does in minutes what might have taken bid professional or sales professional hours, if not days.”

What would you do with 3 free days? Don’t know?

Ask any of our customers - I’m sure they’d be happy to make a suggestion or two.