Swifter, Higher, Stronger


Posted By Qvidian | Jul 21, 2016


The Olympics motto is “Citius, Altius, Fortius,” a Latin phrase meaning “Swifter, Higher, Stronger.”

And that is just what Qvidian stands for in helping our customers achieve their goals.  

Olympics- Proposal softwareIn the spirit of the Games, we wanted to share how much our customers mean to us. To Qvidian, our customers are the Olympians. In order to be a great Olympian, one needs not only confidence, strength, and determination, but consistent quality in performance and an unyielding passion for the process. Our customers love what they do, and how Qvidian helps them do it. Execution, artistry, technique, and composition are all routinely critical as an Olympian, or an RFP or proposal or bid or content, operations manager. Constant quality throughout the team is a must in order to achieve the gold.

By utilizing Qvidian’s uniquely designed proposal automation solution, getting to an initial first draft quickly through a process of pre-approved templates and accurate up-to-date content, enables our customers to focus on quality and tailor each proposal to exact buyer needs. Think of it as the muscle memory every gymnast has for their regular routine. Additionally, every one of your potential customers is scoring your sales content on its accuracy, specificity, and quality. The documents they receive need to be creatively personalized and relevant to set your company apart from all others. By using Qvidian’s cloud-based content automation system, not only is everything automatically synced with Salesforce.com, it also allows for collaboration and consistency across entire teams contributing to the process. So once that perfect routine is created, every single member can accurately and efficiently represent the company in the most compelling way.

My personal favorite sport happens to be soccer, that is, world “football.” It’s a game of speed, agility, technique, team work, and execution. In order to play well, you need to know how to react in every situation. And in the game of selling, the exact same thing happens. When running to the goal line, there is a certain energy and passion which is needed to prove to your fans, and customers, you believe not just in yourself, but in the team, the objective, and the purpose. When you have as much passion for your company as soccer players do for their game, there is no better feeling than knowing your entire support system has the same amount of enthusiasm to back you up.

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In this way, Qvidian isn’t just offering a software solution, but all the reinforcement needed to push the team over the sales goal line. Proof of that is in our current customer success stories, one of whom mentions how “Qvidian offers so much training and support through the customer community, the conference and university – there’s no reason to fail. All the supports are there. You just have to figure out your content strategy. When you do, there’s so much support in place to help you succeed at every milestone.” With passion and support like that, the amount you can accomplish is unsurmountable.

So, no matter which country you’ll be rooting for in the upcoming Olympic Games, or which sport is your favorite, know that Qvidian will be focusing and cheering for our Olympians – our customers.