The Past Present and Future of RFPs


Posted By Qvidian | Dec 14, 2015


Managing requests for proposals (RFPs) is not a glamorous job. It requires painstaking discipline, creative thinking, writing talent, superior project management, and a healthy dose of humor and patience. While maybe not glamorous, its a function that is ever-so critical in organizations today. The importance and the impact of those involved is far greater than many would assume.

Many factors have contributed to the state and importance of RFP and proposal management as we know it today. From paper-based to full automation, RFPs have changed significantly over the years. Humble beginnings as a government procurement tool has evolved to its foray into the enterprise as a critical driver of revenue.

In this infographic, we examine the evolution of RFP management to illustrate what has impacted it and just how far its come - and offer a peek into where it is headed. (Spoiler alert: Qvidian is changing the game again in Spring 2016!)