Introducing Qvidian Innovation Days


Posted By Karen Meyer | Jul 01, 2013


Here at Qvidian, we have long held the belief that innovation—true innovation—does not come from "the top", but rather comes from the ideas of the folks that create and work with the product on a day-to-day basis. All of our employees—regardless of role—have some cool little idea that they have been bouncing around in their head; maybe a product idea, or a way to make your (or somebody else's) job more efficient, or a process improvement to the way that we do our day-to-day.

This is where Qvidian Innovation Days comes in—dubbed “Qwinnovation” Days after our beloved mascot, Qwin. Qvidian is sponsoring days where we all get to work on "that thing" that we have been thinking about. This isn't a new or even revolutionary idea. Many tech companies allow their employees latitude to work on other ideas.

Atlassian, a well-known software shop in Australia, allows their employees one entire day a quarter to work on their own innovation. And, lest one think that this is purely an employee morale gimmick, Atlassian's core product, Jira, has several cutting-edge features that started their life as a single employee's "crazy idea." The leader of the “Likes”, Facebook, has long held all-night coding workshops known as “hackathons”. Some of Facebook's most popular features, including the "Like" button, Timeline, and Chat were conceived during hackathons, so they play an important role in product innovation.

For Qvidian’s Innovation Days, if folks have a good idea, they can go at it! If not, they can hook up with one of their insane co-workers and help them out. There are no set teams or timelines. Groups, if at all, can form and dissolve at will. The delivered "product" can be anything: a whiteboard session, a PowerPoint deck, a proof-of-concept or even a code review of some working code. It can even be an impassioned plea! Really, no idea is a bad idea (except Daylight Savings Time, which never made sense to me).

Qvidian Innovation Day

Our First Qwinnovation Day Was a Success!

Our first Qwinnovation Day was held this past Friday. Employees across the company were engaged in coming up with creative enhancements for both products, with a focus on enhancing the value our customers receive and improving their overall experience with our applications. A Chatter Group was created in where employees could post and discuss their ideas, and over 30 ideas were submitted!

We look forward to integrating many of these ideas into our product roadmap as we continue to innovate through our strategic product vision, solving key challenges salespeople face everyday.

Happy Qwinnovation Day!