How Do You Manage Sales Force Change?


Posted By Qvidian | Feb 01, 2013


As a sales leader, managing organizational change successfully means doing so without it interrupting my team from selling. New products, new alliances, and new technologies all need to be rolled out to my team without disrupting their selling process and thereby missing quotas. I have spent many sleepless nights trying to gauge the impact one change will make on my team, and how to minimize the disruption so we still make our numbers. If you are a sales leader as well, I’m sure you can relate.

The Sales Management Association has just issued a survey to better understand how intense and frequent company change is, and its impact on the sales organization. If you have had any sleepless nights as I have, I encourage you to take the 9 minutes to complete it so we can help the SMA understand our unique challenges, and begin our conversations toward joint success.

Take the survey:
Managing Sales Force Change Survey

Additionally, the SMA is hosting its Inaugural Boston Chapter meeting on Friday February 8th to connect sales and sales operations leaders in the Boston area. If you can spare a few hours that morning, look for me and the Q team there! So how do you effectively manage organizational change at your organization?

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Managing Sales Force Change